Globally known fashion designer Hakan Akkaya blazed a trail again with his fashion show that named “Marie Antoinette” with unprecedented special podium and production in 23 October Tuesday evening in Hasköy Worst Factory by demonstrating his special collection that consists 700 pieces of 80 combin dressings on 2 different podium.

In the fashion show, two collections “Street” and “Glamour” demonstrated on two different chapters. 

Parallel tow different decors are used with the collection that consist of black in the first chapter, and red in the second chapter. While in first chapter podium transformed into street and decorated with pitchblack colors, in the second chapter, palace magnificence has been reflected with red colors by the furnitures that has been designed by İnka Furniture. In first chapter collection that reflects the street culture, models took the podium with the homeless style with their hair and make-ups. 

Famous actress Serenay Aktaş also won great recognition with her homeless style in Street collection. 

After the Street collection demonstration, in the rotary podium that transformed into a palace, Çağla Şikel, who is the Queen Marie Antoinette started the demonstration of “Gloumer” collection in reds with red colored designations… Models took the podium as Palace people with their hair styles and make-ups befitting to the Palace magnificence.

Dressings that demonstrated in collection with 60 models especially Çağla Şikel, Ebru Ürün, Sema Şimşek, Özge Ulusoy, Yeliz Öney and Actress Serenay Aktaş, are completed with 10 ruby and emerald handiworked jewelleries with 1 Million USD worth by Sitare Kalyoncuoğlu

In the fashion show, Bennu Gerede’s 3 sons Daren Gerede Erkaya, Dilan Gerede Erkaya, Miro Gerede Erkaya drew attention, model Muhammed Eymen Şahin took the podium with his prosthesis leg and proved that fashion stops at nothing. Hakan Akkaya’s meaningful behaviour and sensitive action in this case has been applaused by everyone. While choreography of this special fashion show has organized by Uğruhan Akdeniz, Styling works are done by Anıl Can. 

Make-ups applied by Rıfat Yüzüak with the sponsorship of New Well. On the other hand, hair designations are done by Hakan Köse and his crew. Brand and PR consultancy of the fashion show is carried out by Selim Akar Brand Office… 

Iin the fashion show that 600 guests took place, from the art and society life; 

Aslışah Alkoçlar and her boyfriend Altuğ Leblebici, Bennu Gerede, Cihanna, Çağla Gürsoy, Demet Şener, Feryal Gülman, Gizem Özdilli, Hazal Akkaya Özkan,  Ivana Sert, İrem Derici, Merve Oflaz, Saba Tümer, Tuğba Özerk, Nur Yerlitaş, Yıldırım Mayruk are joined.

After the end of the fashion show, when famous fashion designer Hakan Akkaya took the podium, Nur Yerlitaş who didn’t wait for the end of the show got on the stage and hugged Hakan Akkaya. 

Before the fashion show, guests welcomed in place with welcome-coctail, and after the fashion show, organization continued with After Party. Hakan Akkaya entered the field with trucking rig. Models continued the party behind the cabinet. 


Hakan Akkaya