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Adidas by Stella McCartney unveils a new Collection for Spring/Summer 2022

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SHANGHAI, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Adidas by Stella McCartney launches a new spring/summer 2022 collection -- AGENT OF KINDNESS, which regards caring for the earth as its mission, and creates a series of high-performance fashion sports equipment through sustainable design concepts and innovative technologies, with the intention of inspiring the younger generation to care for themselves, treat the earth well, and speak out for them to create a sustainable home for the earth.

-adidas by Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2022 in collaboration with Austrian lingerie brand Wolford, a fashion advocate for and environmental protection, with its signature soft materials, partially recycled eco-friendly yarns, and "second skin" skin fit. Combined with the technology and design expertise of adidas by Stella McCartney, we practice innovation and environmental protection. The main products of this Spring/Summer collection include a seamless one-piece jumpsuit that combines eye-catching animal print with an electric blue background, and the close-fitting feel of the knitted cropped top is intertwined with abstract animal print, combining style, fashion and function. While highlighting the attitude of fashion and environmental protection, it actively promotes equality and inclusiveness among groups, stimulates their awareness of building a community with the earth's homeland, so as to convey more acts of kindness, give back goodwill to all things, and help fashion and the sustainable future of the earth.


adidas by Stella McCartney's SS22 collection combines dynamics and comfort with the spread of goodwill at its core, calling on a new generation to feel the connection between nature and itself, to be kind and to practice a sustainable mission from its own perspective. As Stella McCartney said of the AGENT OF KINDNESS collection, she said: "The collection is inspired by the extraordinary creativity of a new generation of young people", they bring fresh ideas, challenge stereotypes, they are the source of the sustainable development goals, which is in line with the brand's continuous development and continuous innovation on the road to sustainability. Featuring the adidas by Stella McCartney brand, knitwear pieces also incorporate the latest technology and more sustainable innovations into more categories, truly representing the power to be kind to oneself and to one's body, inspiring a well-intentioned connection between youth and nature and responding to the idea of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. 


adidas by Stella McCartney pushes the boundaries of sustainable high-performance clothing, promotes the concept of fashionable and environmentally friendly clothing, and inspires the new generation to consciously gather strength for the earth's home and become a practitioner of sustainable living. For good, adidas by Stella McCartney joins hands with youth to drive a sustainable fashion future.

Gymnast Nia Dennis continues to convey her kindness to her surroundings both on the field and in life, she represents the meaning of transcending herself and giving back to society, she is an active actor, never afraid to use her own voice to promote equality, which is a good fit for the inspiration of this series.

DJ, artist, yogi and pole dancer Mango kwok shows femininity and the meaning of connecting with the world around them through uninhibited and expressive movements. Through exploratory and expressive movement, Mango captures the power of kindness that brings to himself and his body.

The agent of kindness series features include:

  • aSMC TRUESTRENGTH WOLFORD KNIT ONESIE (HF3070): The signature soft and supportive material of this jumpsuit helps to "seamlessly" move between movement and everyday scenes. With a bold animal motif, an open back design and a skin-like fit like a second layer of skin, TRUESTRENGTH embodies a clever blend of style and function. This product is also 100% weft weave fabric, which is warm and comfortable to wear, helping to minimize distractions from clothing, allowing versatility to easily switch between multiple scenes.
  • aSMC AGENT OF KINDNESS ONESIE (HB6065): Oversized fit jumpsuit with elasticated waistband and functional ties. Whether it's at the gym or out on the street, it's a good matching option. The clothing adopts WIND.RDY fabric and eye-catching zipper design, which protects against external factors while ensuring breathability, and the blessing of AEROREADY technology also allows athletes to maintain a comfortable body.
  • aSMC TRUESTRENGTH WOLFORD KNIT CROP TOP (HF3067): This sleek long-sleeved crewneck top is made from partially recycled yarn and is a versatile piece that can be paired with or matched with the corresponding piece from the AGENT OF KINDNESS collection. Featuring a high neck design and a 100% weft fabric, the garment has extra elasticity and comfort, allowing athletes to concentrate on the field they love.
  • aSMC AGENT OF KINDESS CONNECTIVITY PARKA (H59966): This exquisite long parka combines silhouette size with lightweight fabrics made from 100% recycled polyester that's well suited to the transition from work to gym. At the heart of this coat is its versatility and protection, featuring a zipper on the inside of the front that can be attached to the same jacket and an adjustable velcro at the sleeves.
  • aSMC ULTRABOOST 22 (GY6110): Developed by an all-female team, this running shoe uses feminine insight to create narrower heel cups, a shallower forefoot silhouette and a reinforced instep area to provide a tailor-made product for women. For further support, the shoe incorporates a full-length support cage in addition to the narrow heel design and a Primeknit sock upper made of yarn containing 50% Parley Ocean Plastic.

The new adidas by Stella McCartney AGENT OF KINDNES collection is now on sale, and other seasonal new products are also on sale. For more brand and product information, please visit the Adidas official website to search for "asmc", or go to offline stores such as the Adidas Women's Store to inquire and purchase.

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