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Hyper-Chromatic Infinity Art That Turns Music Into Light - The HyperCube Nano

SAN DIEGO, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Hyperspace Lighting Company has just launched the Kickstarter campaign for their newest product, The HyperCube Nano! The campaign was successfully funded - reaching its $100k goal in under 24 hours - and is live until June 10th, offering early bird pricing for early backers. Their new model of sound reactive LED infinity cube has been streamlined for maximum portability and affordability. This futuristic infinity mirror lighting is being used in homes and businesses as a generator of infinite awe and inspiration in everyone who sees it!


Back the HyperCube Nano Kickstarter Campaign to get your HyperCube Nano infinity cube for only $150 (retail $200-$220) and get high-tech, beautifully designed infinity cube art and lighting for your home or entertainment space. After the campaign you can find them at hyperspacelight.com

HyperCube Nano Features
The HyperCube Nano features 95 patterns and 3 modes: Kaleidoscopic, Meditative, and Sound Reactive. The advanced sound reactivity has been custom coded to convert the low, mid, and high tones to luminous patterns within, visualizing your music with light. The cube is USB-C powered and scratch resistant - you can power it with your laptop or battery pack, making it easily portable. Multiple HyperCubes can be synced, creating art installations and coordinated mood lighting arrays, and they can be completely customized using the HyperSpace App. All HyperCubes come with a 1 year warranty.


Global crowdfunding support and wide ranging appeal
Driven by global support of the crowdfunding community, Hyperspace has successfully delivered over 4,000 HyperCubes to over 50 countries and has now run three successful crowdfunding campaigns. These backers and customers are using HyperCubes in their homes as modern decor and zen-inducing bedside lights, and inspiring kids with art and science. They are also being used in art spaces, entertainment venues, bars, clubs, musician and dj setups, wedding decor, and yoga studios, and businesses are using them to decorate their shops and workplaces.

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter and after the campaign at hyperspacelight.com

About the founders
Hyperspace was created by Dylan Lovinger and Timothy O'Connor - two scientists with a passion for light and art-tech fusions turned garage shop entrepreneurs. They met in grad school at the University of California, San Diego while working toward their PhDs. Inspired by the radical and connected communities of transformational festivals and Burning Man, the pair sought to bring a part of those kaleidoscopic landscapes back home. Their work holds a message: "Technology will continue to become a bigger part of our lives - and if we design it appropriately, it will be beautiful." The mission is simple - "to spread infinite light throughout the multiverse."

Back the HyperCube Nano Campaign now to bring infinite light and inspiration to your life and help spread infinite light throughout the multiverse!

After the campaign you can order the HyperCube Nano along with their other HyperTech hyperspacelight.com