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Shaping herself from the inside out, the new definition of FILA "Latte Girl" is interpreted by Zhang Junning

Xiamen, June 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- What should the ideal woman who will please herself the most look like? One possibility is to use Zhang Junning as a model.

On June 10, FILA officially announced that Zhang Junning became the spokesperson of FILA fashion movement, using sports to highlight women's independence and individuality. Zhang Junning's characteristics echo and fit with the feminine spirit that FILA is committed to promoting, and the cooperation between the two seems to come naturally. People familiar with Zhang Junning know that she not only loves sports but also loves to share sports with everyone, and most of them are related to fitness on social networks. She loves to run to measure the beauty, and there are traces of her sports punching in every corner of the world.


Zhang Junning has his own theme on social networks called "Ningjing Zhiyuan". Among them, "Ning" means inner peace, which is similar to her own personality, does not pursue traffic, gets along with herself consistently, and maintains an elegant rhythm of life.

Zhang Junning's appearance in the early stage of her debut is more inclined to "flesh and meat face", and like many young girls who have just entered the film and television industry, there are more soft facial tissues and a pure blunt feeling. After filming "The Way to Survive", she began to make exercise plans and insisted on getting up at six o'clock every day to run. At first, it was to improve physical fitness, but with the gradual contact with running, swimming, and marathon, Zhang Junning fell in love with sports from the bottom of her heart, fell in love with the feeling of controlling her body, and often shared her daily sports on social networks.

The change brought by exercise to Zhang Junning is obvious, in addition to the good appearance of harvesting for ten years, Zhang Junning gradually found his own life philosophy in sports - to absorb fitness into the "magnetic field" of his life and obtain the ideal flow state. Every movement is a double sculpture of the mind and the body for her, becoming a more open-minded person, and the high-profile fashion fitness aesthetics are also reflected in her movement pictures in every frame.


It can be seen that Zhang Junning's consistent lifestyle coincides with the sports concept advocated by FILA. Zhang Junning, who fits perfectly with FILA, has officially become the spokesperson of FILA's fashion movement. Among the values of sports advocated by FILA, insisting on sports stems from the love of the heart, and taking it as the norm of life can help us find a better version of ourselves. FILA encourages all women to feel the elegant release brought by sports in the process of pursuing the connection between body and mind, and to be a "FILA latte girl" who insists on herself with Zhang Junning.

Become a FILA latte girl and feel the high-profile fashion fitness

In 2022, FILA officially launched the "FILA Latte Girl" program, launching a series of FILA GLAM-FITNESS fitness community activities in offline stores, through teaching different sports content courses, aggregating women's strength, encouraging everyone to release themselves in sports and feel the charm of high-profile fashion fitness. Powerful beauty like Zhang Junning will surely influence many female consumers to join the ranks of "FILA Latte Girl", integrate fitness into life, and immersively feel the interaction between body and mind.

On the other hand, on social networks, Zhang Junning is an out-and-out "sports lawn mower", and many women see the sports equipment she wears and always involuntarily switch to shopping software to search for the same model. At the same time as the spokesperson's official announcement, FILA launched three latte girl suits, which were first performed by Zhang Junning.

Professional sports products are the solid backing of the "FILA Latte Girl", for the needs of different sports scenes in the summer, in this series of new products, FILA gives targeted solutions.

The new set adopts light lavender color, and at the same time adopts COMFI-SHIELD anti-ultraviolet functional fabric, which effectively reflects and blocks UVA and UVB with a wavelength of 280nm-340nm, which can effectively cope with the sun exposure caused by long-term outdoor exercise in summer and always protect skin health. The fabric of the full point of technology is also soft and light, making every hand and foot comfortable. In addition, this season's new high-elastic light training suit specially uses SOLONA® fiber, whether it is worn for a long time, or strong stretching during high-intensity exercise, it will not be easily deformed, and the breathability and moisture removal performance is super high, and it is like wearing a trance.

Zhang Junning's same FILA strength training fitness shoes use a comfortable and breathable mesh upper, the straps on the outside of the shoe body avoid force imbalance to the greatest extent, and the full palm FILA TECNO-PIUMAX foam material midsole can effectively cushion the force, making every step feel like stepping on the cloud.

The small details of this season's products are also heartwarming, sportsbra adds lavender aromatic scent molecular technology to the fabric, with the exercise stretch and wear friction, will make the microcapsules contained in it crack and release the fragrance, no longer have to worry about the embarrassment of sweating after exercise. The fashionable and eye-catching high-value design not only realizes the unrestrained on the sports field, but also attracts countless eyes, so that the "one second of the gym, the next second of shopping" in the star street shot becomes a reality, in line with the sports aesthetics of women's high-profile fashion fitness.

Every girl can identify with her own beauty from the bottom of her heart, base her life philosophy on freedom and self-confidence, and become a dazzling "FILA Latte Girl". Combining sports and life, not only maintaining the strength of the body, but also realizing the resonance of self and soul in the process of exercise, this seeks to dialogue with the inner self, from the inside out to complete the process of self-shaping, so that each girl can obtain a more firm inner energy, to achieve the elegant state of physical and mental co-shaping. FILA's high-profile fashion fitness equipment escorts women's sports, strengthens the aesthetics of elegant sports, and through the collision of sweat in the ideal and reality, finds the balance of body and mind co-shaping, speaks with attitude, and witnesses their own elegance. FILA uses a professional athletic perspective to shape a confident and elegant attitude and accompany women to grow up together. Now follow Zhang Junning to join the "FILA Latte Girl" and start an elegant life of challenging yourself and normalizing sports.