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The future has arrived, KARL LAGERFELD starts the "time capsule journey"

SHANGHAI, Aug. 25, 2022 NYI/ -- On August 25, 2022, the digital fashion exhibition of KARL LAGERFELD "KARL SPACE TRAVEL AGENCY", a well-known French fashion brand, officially opened, starting with the brand's autumn/winter 2022 theme "The Future IS NOW Has Arrived", launching the space-time map of the Karl universe and embarking on the boundless exploration of retro futurism. Based on the concept of "meta-universe", the week-long "Karl Space Travel Agency" infused the forward-looking contemporary spirit of the brand's founder, Karl Lagerfeld, presents the brand's classic fashion elements through digital technology, equipped with XR interactive technology that resets the senses, to create an immersive fashion interactive experience that combines virtual and real and crosses the boundaries of space.


Co-founded by KARL LAGERFELD, Fiu Gallery Feiyou Gallery, a well-known young gallery in Shanghai, and Fengyuzhu, a leading domestic digital technology company, the "Karl Space travel agency" has built a continuous dialogue between design, art, space and technology, and demonstrated in a novel form the upgrading and iteration of the fashion and art industries in the era of web 3.0. "Karl Space Travel Agency" extends the brand's exploration of future fashion to fiu Gallery's multiple spatial relationships, adding new interactive technologies to the immersive design atmosphere, constructing different time and space travel experiences in the Carl universe, and giving the audience a new viewing experience at the level of space-time expansion.


From August 25th to 31st, walking into the Fiu Gallery on Yuyuan Road in Changning District, Shanghai, you can see the gallery windows connected into a giant frame, and the audience can participate in real-time interaction to select different IKONIK patterns to drop and pile up, building an interesting and interactive urban public art work. Entering the gallery, the starting point of time travel, "0000: Karl Space-Time Code", decorated with the brand's classic red, white and black carpet, extends to the same color space-time console and immediately sets off to explore the Karl Multiverse. Heading left into "Karl Studio 1984", couture manuscripts, design inspirational editions and a variety of exquisite fabrics come into view, recreating the origin of the brand's founding, while behind any door at the end hides wonderful images belonging to different time and space. Push open the right door and welcome to "3085: Schupet Dinner", where light and shadow flow under the gorgeous and exquisite decorative atmosphere, where time and space travelers from different dimensions talk and laugh, waiting for the surprise appearance of the dinner host Choupette. The latest achievements of "2274: Carl Space Lab" have long been in place, scanning the two-dimensional code in space can see the brand's classic elements and LOGO and other fashion factors extending and expanding in space through AR technology to build the future Carl universe. Moving on to "3091: Carl Sci-Fi Revival", the virtual person Alma welcomes travelers from all time and space to visit the brand's Paris studio La Maison, and you can also wear the same collection of costumes to take photos with him. In the depths of time travel, "3163: Karl's Constant Temperature Room" is full of Mr. Carl's favorite orchids, full of life, indicating Mr. Carl and the brand's vision of green sustainable fashion. At the end of time travel, step into the "2022: Carr Sequence Universe", bringing together the brand's selected items, travelers can draw their own time travel stories with their brush strokes, and create an interesting and cute IKONIK image with the brand, giving fashion a more unique charm.

This time, the world's first virtual digital person to debut as a gallery partner, Alma, appeared as the president of "Karl Space Travel Agency". As a cross-dimensional new human being spawned by the "meta-universe" technology, Alma leads travelers to embark on a unique journey of time and space exploration with the image of young vitality, love of fashion and life.