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LOS ANGELESAug. 30, 2022 /NYI/ -- The short film Time Is Eternal - starring Los Angeles model and actress Berite Labelle, co-writer and producer (https://www.beritelabelle.com) has been nominated for the best fashion film award on the 10th edition of the 10th edition of the New Fashion Film. annual Berlin Fashion Film Festival nominated https://berlinfashionfilm.awardsengine.com/?action=ows:entries.details&e=95530&project_year=2022. The festival will take place on Thursday, September 1, at the Zoo Palast Kino in Berlin. (Information on tickets and further details can be found under www.berlinfashionfilmfestival.net).


Time Is Eternal was co-written by Daniel Lir, who co-directed dream team directors with his wife and business partner Bayou

n July, Time Is Eternal won three awards (Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actress) at the 13th annual La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival in California, and the 15-minute film received 10 nominations.

Set in what is now Los AngelesTime Is Eternal takes us into the mind of a renowned writer who is writing her latest novel, which is about the fictional meeting of two legendary women. Cleopatra VIII, Queen of Egypt in the first century BC, meets the English writer and women's rights activist Mary Wollstonecraft, mother of Frankenstein author Mary Shelley.

The film is a powerful ode to female strength and equality and shows a soulful discussion between these two pioneers. The fighter and the writer, both known as lovers and fighters for a cause, consider their different approaches to leadership, culminating in a shared passion that intertwines forever.

"We wanted to highlight the power of women in history, in a world that used to be dominated by men," Lir says. "I have felt strongly connected to Berite's goal of educating a younger generation about the significant (and underrepresented) contribution of these women to the creation of our culture."

Labelle masters four roles in her debut film - that of the writer, Cleopatra, Wollstonecraft and a mermaid who symbolizes swimming through another dimension in time.

"With imagination and love, you can do anything," says Labelle. "I want to create beautiful moments from my fantasy world. Gratitude, knowledge and patience are the other elements I needed to conceive Time Is Eternal. Follow me on my journey of discovery through time in moving pictures"

The film was shot at the Paramour Estate in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, with opulent décor from the early twentieth century, and the surreal, dreamlike images have a fashionable focus.

"I want viewers to be overwhelmed by the beauty and immerse themselves in a world of magic and inspiration that helps them forget about their problems and everything we've been through as humanity over the past two years," Bennett says.

Hollywood stylist and costume designer Lenov (who has worked with Saweetie, Bebe Rexha and Iggy Azalea) has mainly selected vintage pieces for the film.

"It was really cool to recreate historical moments through the lens of fashion in the film," says Lenov. "Every character was about empowering women, and I wanted to go beyond the scope and give the characters a fashionable element and a more sexual twist. I thought, "What can we do with female energy for Generation Z and beyond? I would like to thank the designers Michelle Hebert and Elie Madi for helping me bring Maria and Cleopatra to life the way I envisioned them."

Since October 2021, Labelle has reported for several international editions of Vogue, GlamourHarper's Bazaar and Marie Claire. She holds a degree in Affiliate Fine Arts (AFA) in Acting on Camera from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.

Dream Team Directors has worked with personalities such as Mark RuffaloBella HadidJuliette LewisLea Michele, Coldplay, Paris Hilton, Adidas, Smashbox Cosmetics, Atlantic Records and Chrome Hearts. Her 2019 short film, Tombstone Pillow, has gained wide recognition and won 33 awards.

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