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Together with international supermodel Cici, Eli unveiled a new TVC


Lishui, Zhejiang, September 26, 2022 /NYI/ -- On September 26, Ailai released a new brand TVC, inviting the brand's best friend international supermodel Cici Xiang Weijing to appear on the camera, interpreting the new brand proposition of "She Down and Freedom of Beauty" with many women with different role identities, and conveying the brand concept of Ailai with unlimited beauty.

TVC begins with specific scenes and angles such as "super dragged model", "walking with the wind", "close-up", "turning in a circle and looking up", etc., showing people's understanding of beauty in traditional consciousness. Subsequently, Cici proposed the rediscovery of beauty, a sentence "beauty, important, but we often forget, more important is to understand the beauty in your life", extending "beauty" from advertising films to specific life scenes, leading to a new understanding of beauty in Ailai.

Advertising is not as beautiful as life, and it is the foothold of the entire second half of TVC. The lens focuses on the different ways of expressing beauty in the three main scenes of family, career and interest in women's lives: beauty can be innocence regardless of age, ability and courage in the workplace, and it can also be the freedom to switch identities in family business. Women's beauty is not limited by age, scene, identity, ability, hobbies, vision, or geography. In TVC, Ailai completed the deconstruction and reshaping of beauty in the traditional sense, and finally condensed into a new brand proposition - "She is down and beautiful".


Interpret the style of down with a new brand proposition

"She Down is Beautiful" is the refinement and expression of the brand value of Ailai after extensive research and in-depth analysis of young female consumer groups. This part of the group "loves themselves" and "pleases themselves", they do not need to reinvent themselves, but they do not stop taking small steps to improve, which is also the brand spirit that Ailai hopes TVC to convey. In each scene of TVC, the down jacket shows a high degree of adaptability, and the color, fabric, silhouette, and collocation are switched arbitrarily with the scene. Down that accompanies women is not only a function of cold protection, but also a fashion item, which calmly shows the "battle robe" of women's beauty.

As early as August 2020, based on the new consumer insights, Ailai made all-round efforts in product design, marketing, channels and other dimensions, opening up a full range of brand upgrades. The release of the new brand value proposition of "She Down and Beauty" is also an important node in the transformation of the Ailai brand. Next, Ailai will continue to deepen the women's down jacket industry, is committed to meeting the multi-scene wearing needs of Asian women for down jackets, and passing on the proposition of "her down is beautiful in freedom" to every flexible and determined young woman.