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Around The World With DEIJIDESIGN In 30 Days


NEW YORK, Oct. 28, 2022 /NYI/ -- Since the debut of DEIJIDESIGN, a blooming luxury and elegant fashion line, at Flying Solo's "Ones to Watch" event at New York Fashion Week '22, the brand is taking the fashion world by storm. Available at DEIJIDESIGN.com and at Flying Solo's Flagship store in SOHO NYC, DEIJIDESIGN is marking itself as the essential wardrobe pop of color.

This last month, DEIJIDESIGN accompanied LaRae Day, DEIJIDESIGN influencer and model, from New York throughout her post-NYFW '22 fashion events in Europe. Visiting London, Milan, and Paris, DEIJIDESIGN's Riva boots and black Octavia purse traveled the globe with Day all within the last month.

Day, 26, who has been an influencer, model, and content creator in the fashion industry since she was 20, states, "I visited over 15 different Airbnbs and hotels while I was in Europe. As someone who had to cram so much into [my luggage] DEIJIDESIGN's extraordinary craftsmanship and quality was attested to. Both the boots and purse held up without scratches," Day explains. "The beauty of DEIJIDESIGN was upheld against the wear and tear of my travels all across Europe," she further expresses.

Mark Schwartz, legendary designer to the Stars and DEIJIDESIGN's Creative Director as well as significant partner, has collaborated and designed directly for top luxury fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Gucci, Chanel, Charles Jourdan Hermes, and Marc Jacobs in addition to many others.

"DEIJIDESIGN is made with the finest Italian leather by premiere Italian artisans. The fact that the Riva boots and the Octavia purse withheld wear and tear during her travels truly concretes DEIJIDESIGN's commitment to the quality craftsmanship of our products," Schwartz clarifies.



While in New York at fashion week, Day showcased DEIJIDESIGN at Flying Solo's event. Additionally, she expressed her knowledge of the prestige surrounding Schwartz. She states on her Instagram that, "Oprah, JLo, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and other celebrities have requested personal footwear designs from Mark Schwartz, the Creative Director of DEIJIDESIGN…If designs from the Director of DEIJIDESIGN are good enough for Oprah and JLo, ya better believe they're good enough for me!"

After NYFW in September, Day made her way to London Fashion week, and with her the Riva boots and black Octavia purse traveled as well. "The Riva sneaker-boots and Octavia purse were such staples for me at New York Fashion Week that I brought them all the way to London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week! DEIJI DESIGN truly produces only the highest quality merchandise as both these accessories held up miraculously throughout a full month of rigorous travel," Day explains on her Instagram.

After London, Day visited Italy with DEIJIDESIGN's Octavia and Riva boots.
In addition to paying homage to the relationship between the words Octavia and the country of Italy, Day expresses her thoughts on her Instagram. "The Octavia, named after Octavia of Rome, was right at home in Italy. Named after the faithful wife of Roman general Mark Antony, simple and chic, the Octavia is loyal to you in quality and style. Made to fit any outfit, DEIJIDESIGN is with you anywhere. Besides being royally luxurious, the Octavia has indeed been loyal to me in quality and style. Schwartz says, 'It's DEIJIDESIGN classic elegance at its finest.'"

On their website regarding their signature purse, DEIJIDESIGN states it is, "Designed as a leather pebbled purse with our DEIJIDESIGN emblem in golden brass on the front encompassing the classic DEIJIDESIGN look."

Of the Riva boots, Day says on her Instagram, "My Riva boots were with me every step of the way! They are the perfect representation of my own personal style - luxury with a touch of spunk, or, as DEIJIDESIGN would put it, 'Elegance with a Twist.' Their fine black Italian leather is the highest quality, and you know I'm a sucker for sneaker-boots, especially comfortable ones. However, I think it's the hot pink lining, just visible at the top of their lovely retro laces that made me fall in love with the shoes! Just like these Riva boots, 99% of my wardrobe pieces may be black, but pink will always be my spirit color. We made the perfect pair for this fall's major European fashion weeks because fashion week is THE place to proudly showcase personal style."

"All of DEIJIDESIGN's shoes are made to be incredibly comfortable. Whether it is our sneakers, such as the Black or White Rose, or our heels such as the Sophia and Aurora, which are a part of our Autumn '22 collection, DEIJIDESIGN makes you feel like you're walking on air," Schwartz elaborates.

Last but not least, Day traveled to Paris with her DEIJIDESIGN staples. "I've been manifesting traveling to Paris since I was a young girl," Day explains. "My entire house has been decorated with Eiffel towers and Parisian-everything for years. Photos of influencers in Paris have flooded my vision board for even longer!" she further clarifies.

As a Flying Solo representative, she walked in three events for Flying Solo during Paris Fashion Week '22. "I first met a few of the executives of DEIJIDESIGN at Flying Solo's New York Fashion Week show and I was fortunate enough to walk for DEIJIDESIGN in that show. I was also invited as an influencer/guest and press team member to cover Flying Solo's New York Fashion Week shows, so I wore my DEIJI DESIGN accessories to cover Flying Solo shows in NYC as well! Now, here in Paris, I wore my DEIJIDESIGN accessories to Flying Solo's shows at Paris Fashion Week, completing a full circle," Day explains.

Both Schwartz and Day agree that the photos captured in Paris of Day and DEIJIDESIGN together are their favorites, memorializing her travels throughout Europe. Through Day's gallery of images it is impossible not to notice the beauty of DEIJIDESIGN and the female form, which has always been the brand's intent. "DEIJIDESIGN focuses on the beauty of the natural world, and Day's photos, especially in Paris, confirms and substantiates that vision," Schwartz elaborates.

Day is also an integral part of the upcoming live streaming DEIJIDESIGN show, which is premiering on Instagram in the first half of November. Featured as a weekly segment, Day will participate as a host exchanging points of view regarding the fashion world with Creative Director Schwartz. Together they will discuss fashion world insights as well as DEIJIDESIGN products, and meet with other influencers and collaborators. As a viewer there will be opportunities to win free DEIJIDESIGN accessories, speak one-on-one with Schwartz and Day during Q & A's, as well as the chance to win one of Schwartz's masterpiece sketches.

A spokesman for DEIJIDESIGN states, "In addition to all of these features there is quite a lot more to be unpacked, but for now it's under wraps."