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FILA tennis old money style classic revived elegant tennis style


XIAMEN, June 2023, 6 /NYI/ -- Recently, FILA, a century-old Italian sports fashion brand, released a new product series of tennis products, inheriting its long tennis history and DNA, drawing inspiration from the legendary classics of the court in the last century, recreating the classics on top of the classics, and making the glory that began on the field present an unfading tone. When the elegance and vitality of the FILA tennis series went out of the court, it became a modern label in the social circle of European celebrities, conveying the spiritual value of classic presence and elegance out of the circle, and allowing fashion and elegance to circulate between the court and the social arena.

The newly released products of the FILA tennis series include FILA tennis skirts, tennis elite polos, tennis short T, tennis vests, etc. FILA fashion and sports spokesperson Zhang Junning and FILA spokesperson Zhang Yixing performed the new tennis series on the upper body, adding bright colors to the summer court, exploring the subtle fusion of classic and modern, and playing with the fun of tennis.


Paying tribute to the classic looks of Evonne Goolagong, Monica Seles and other court celebrities, the FILA tennis skirt continues its classic striped contrast, line design language and pleated fit, and built-in thoughtful leggings design makes girls feel free; Crafted from a slightly stretchy fabric that drapes and has a free-flowing bodice, it creates a summer elegance and vitality that reproduces the graceful posture of a legendary athlete.

The newly created FILA Tennis Elite Polo also draws inspiration from legendary classics. Back in 1974, legendary tennis player Bjorn Borg wore a FILA vertical striped polo to compete at the French Open, breaking the white tradition on the tennis court. In 1976, Italian tennis player Adriano Panatta won the French Open men's singles title wearing a FILA red tennis shirt, and FILA also injected bright red into the design of tennis clothes for the first time. Paying homage to the glory moments of FILA Court Legend in the 70s, Tennis Elite Polo incorporates high street design with a fresh, clean colour scheme combined with the young, playful letter Slogan pattern to create a new style that is casual and elegant.

The tennis vest replicates the V-neck tennis suit of the famous tennis flower, and the hem is cinched in for a slim fit, revealing the elegant waistline, layered to create a layered feel. The tennis short T pays tribute to Evonne Goolagong's classic red striped short sleeves for a Grand Slam that frames the elegant gesture of the shot.

During the French Open, FILA created the Megastore pop-up store in Roland Garros to showcase new pieces from its tennis collection, allowing participants to experience FILA tennis culture in an immersive way through a limited-time exhibition. In the outdoor social activity space, meet the first alien KOL on the earth and virtual idol Zlu, travel through time and space, and retrace the classic moments of the tennis world. Zlu, a future messenger from the aliens, appeared in the French Open and subsequent Grand Slam tournaments in a FILA classic tennis series, leading the public to appreciate the classic tennis spirit of FILA.

As a century-old Italian sports fashion brand, FILA has a strong tennis history and DNA, and the tennis series launched this time tells the story of a number of court legends and European celebrities. Whether it is Bjorn Borg, known as the king of clay, or Monic Seles, the youngest French Open champion, their FILA tennis uniforms have become timeless classics in the grind of the times, and the elegant charm of tennis has also given a classic and timeless tone. In the past few decades, FILA tennis wear has also become a favorite fashion item of foreign celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Sofia Richie, Jessica Simpson and so on, continuing the style of the court into the eye-catching wear of daily social occasions, leading the European tennis social boom.

FILA tennis series carries the court gene closely integrated with tennis culture, reshaping the classics, paying tribute to legends with elegance, and showing the style of old money with fashion. More than a legend on the court, the FILA tennis collection creates a sensual summer style for every elegant and confident you. The new series of products has been launched online on June 6, and officially released offline on June 5, and more is waiting for you to explore.