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BOSIDENG unveils new featherweight down jackets with Eileen Gu, Coco Rocha and Leighton Meester at Milan Fashion Week




MILAN10/5/2023/ NYI/ -- Bosideng, the world's largest manufacturer of down jackets, has pushed the boundaries of technology for featherweight down outerwear at its runway show during Milan Fashion Week at La Vigna di Leonardo with appearances by global brand ambassador Eileen Gu, supermodel Coco Rocha and actress Leighton Meester.


Bosideng was inspired by the Italian Renaissance and the architecture of La Vigna di Leonardo and combined elements of Chinese and Italian culture in his collection. The show took place amidst natural paths and preserved Milanese charm, showcasing themes from Leonardo da Vinci's visions. The collection redefined the featherweight down jackets as "versatile, weightless, warm and contemporary" and incorporated Chinese and Italian culture.

Eileen Gu, Chinese-American freestyle skier and global brand ambassador for Bosideng, wears the new jacket, making her debut on the runway for a Chinese clothing brand: "Bosideng has taken weightless down jackets to a new level, revealing a world of untapped opportunities to me." With her on the catwalk was international supermodel Coco Rocha.

In the front row of Bosideng sat well-known Chinese actresses Caiyu Yang and Zhuzhu, as well as actress Leighton Meester, known for her iconic presence in the television series Gossip Girl. They all witnessed the creativity and innovation in Chinese fashion.

Technical innovations explore floral, interlocking textures that adorn the pieces with intricate artisanal techniques, breaking away from traditional "rib-like" seams. Bosideng relies on prized Italian lace art and traditional su embroidery from China and invests at least 500 hours of craftsmanship in each piece.

Bosideng's collection consists of internationally certified goose down with a filling of 700+, which makes the outerwear both lighter and warmer than traditional downwear. At the same time, three important lightweight heating technologies have been improved: the integration of patented systems for heat and moisture balancing, the introduction of exclusive highly elastic fabrics and heat recovery technologies. These achievements represent a breakthrough in the production of versatile clothing that is suitable for all seasons and different scenarios and lifestyles.

Since 1976, Bosideng has been dedicated to down outerwear. This unwavering commitment has earned the company worldwide recognition and has been certified by Euromonitor International as the world's largest manufacturer of down jackets.

Bosideng has been present at the international fashion weeks in New York, Milan and London for three years in a row and has collaborated with renowned designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Takada Kenzo. As a pioneer from the concept of down-filled trench coats to the new generation of featherweight down jackets, Bosideng has consistently shaken up the preconceived norms of the down jacket industry and brought Chinese fashion to the world stage by offering a new perspective on Chinese creativity.