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Fashion Designer Anna Bartoletti Unveils "Heartbreak Horror" Collection: A Catalyst for Conversations on Mental Health and the Toll of Toxic Relationships


LAS VEGAS, Oct. 31, 2023 /NYI/ -- Anna Bartoletti, renowned for her artisanal and meticulously designed ready-to-wear line, reveals her newest collection "Heartbreak Horror" with a compelling mission: to prompt discussions on mental health and toxic relationships. A unique voice in the fashion industry with a design career spanning 25 years, Bartoletti blends old world craftsmanship and contemporary messaging to launch her groundbreaking collection on the heels of a recent show-stopping presentation at FashioNXT 2023.

"I have seen firsthand the toll a toxic relationship can take," Bartoletti said. "By launching this collection, I'm also embracing the power of collective healing, while extending a creative hand of hope to those still trapped in the webs of detrimental emotional connections. It's an ongoing battle, but one worth fighting."

"Heartbreak Horror": The Collection

Fusing art and advocacy, the original "Heartbreak Horror" line features 14 individual handcrafted pieces using sustainable practices, such as recycled denim and low-waste pattern techniques. These garments spotlight heart-themed hand embroidery and emotionally resonant taglines like "The Horror is in Losing Yourself" and "Time to Show Your Worth."

The signature piece is a black, distressed, hand-knit sweater featuring a textured broken heart design with the phrase "Heartbreak Horror." The back carries the compelling line "The Horror is in Losing Yourself," also knit into the fabric, while customized distressing adorns the arms, neckline, and hem – complemented by ribbing and raglan sleeves. Crafted with careful attention to detail, the sweater took over 200 hours to create. And each purchase helps fund mental health initiatives, with 10% of all proceeds from the collection donated to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

"Fashion is pure artifactual communication – our clothes, and the artifacts we wear speak about and help us to face life's complexities," said Bartoletti. "This collection is about empowerment: confronting the painful reality of toxic relationships while encouraging the long, often difficult process of self-worth reclamation."

"Heartbreak Horror": The Impact

Anna Bartoletti boldly addresses challenging topics like mental health beyond the runway especially given her own life experiences, which includes the personal tragedy of losing her husband to suicide. She creates a genuine resonance in her artistry, emphasizing the emotional gravitas behind each clothing item she creates, with long-term aspirations that include launching a nonprofit organization to empower survivors.

"These designs are my lifelines to those grappling with emotional abuse," Bartoletti shared. "It's time to unveil the hidden darkness and find the light of self-discovery."

"Heartbreak Horror": The Reception

"Anna Bartoletti's S/S 2024 collection is luxury ready-to-wear that transcends fashion's boundaries. Skirts, tops, and knitwear come together to tell a story of healing and self-discovery. Recycled denim merges with high-end fabrics, offering an artisan atelier feel with luxury prices, underscoring the designer's commitment to quality and her profound connection to her creations, " reported AGENDA Magazine.

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About Anna Bartoletti

Based in Las Vegas, Anna Bartoletti is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and has been a forerunner in the fashion industry for decades – while producing her own line for two years. She previously won a nationwide Face Mask competition through FashioNXT and was recognized by Forbes Magazine. With an extensive background in costume design for film and theater, Bartoletti's long career is a testament to her unmatched creative versatility. Learn more at: www.AnnaBartoletti.com.