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New York City seems to be covered with difficult crisis. The number one crisis is immigration. One hundred thousand immigrants have settled in NYC. And it is costing the city billions. It is also created a growing hatred for the mayor. Mayor Eric Adams is neglecting the residents of New York while the city’s homeless residents are getting a raw deal.

Other complaints include the mayor moving immigrants into minority neighborhoods and growing protests between the Jewish and Palestinians community. This is a problem facing most big cities in the U.S. big cities, Chicago, California, Georgia, Texas. However, it seem to be hitting New York the hardest.

Eric Adams has declared a state of emergency in New York. With more and more immigrants arriving on a daily basis, housing has
become a major issue. The cost of housing and feeding immigrants is staggering. If it continues, it could cost New York a devastating financial lost.

The other issue is where are they going to place them? A lot of minorities are protesting the number of immigrants the city is putting into their community – a community that is already suffering their own critical crisis. High rent, crime, homelessness. People feel abandoned by their own government, that they are being slapped in the face. They argue they need help but are not getting any.  And while the government is ignoring them, it is spending their taxpayer’s dollars on the immigrants. Which for the most part is causing rage and resentment.

Yes. New York City is in a crisis and Mayor Eric Adams is at the heart of the attacks. But should he be? Where is Governor Kathy Hochul? Now we are not saying she isn’t working to help with the crisis. But we haven’t heard from her. New York is facing a dire emergency. One would assume she would be at the forefront, assuring New Yorkers that she has their best interests at heart.

Added is an even bigger crisis with the Jewish community and the Palestinians. Amid massive protests, the city is facing great peril with the fear of terrorists attacks.

The threats that’s facing New York City is ongoing, the same for big cities throughout America.  They are facing a situation where only time could dictate the outcome.