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NEW YORK, NY (Dec. 11, 2023) – From the creative mind of New York-based industry insider and brand architect turned television sensation Jessel Taank comes ŌUSHQ, a culturally rich retail platform that will bring fashion from Southeast Asia and the Middle East to the global stage. ŌUSHQ will deliver a curated selection of the finest ready-to-wear and accessories to the fashion-curious, sharing the allure and vibrancy of India and the surrounding region’s fashion with a global community.



ŌUSHQ will disrupt Southeast Asian design’s made-to-order challenges by standardizing sizing, providing white glove tailoring services, and expediting shipping timelines – eliminating the current months-long production process. At its core, ŌUSHQ will be a platform of discovery- a space where the fashion curious can explore and access exciting designer talent and, conversely, where Southeast Asian designers can tap into a new audience.

Taank has also established a world-class Indian-based creative team to bring to life the region’s opulent, beautiful, authentic vision, bridging East meets West in retail. Visionary fashion and celebrity powerhouse Sasha Jairam will assume the position of Creative Director. In her new role, Jairam will work closely with Taank to establish emerging talent and present fashion through the ŌUSHQ creative lens, lending her photographic talents to all brand campaigns and truly capturing the vibrancy of Southeast Asian fashion.


o launch, ŌUSHQ will feature established and emerging Indian designers, each with a unique point of view and distinct creative voice.

  • Zara Umrigar intertwines glamour and ethereal romanticism in her works while exploring the interplay between femininity and strength.
  • Abhishek Sharma draws inspiration from many art movements to blend urban style with rich cultural traditions.
  • Papa Don’t Preach is renowned for its iconic “half lehengas” and bold, pop art-inspired designs. They pioneer radical non-conformity by embracing diversity.
  • Aisha Rao creates maximalist designs, often upcycling clothing patterns, and is known to weave intricate narratives into garments.
  • Rocky Star adeptly blends Baroque and Gothic influences into contemporary pieces, drawing an illustrious clientele like Beyoncé and Paris Hilton.
  • Shehla Chatoor’s designs revel in timelessness, embodying craftsmanship and creating handcrafted pieces that transcend generations, reminiscent of cherished heirloom jewelry.
  • Alpana Neeraj is a celebrated designer duo known for creating avant-garde garments that maintain a wearable allure.

ŌUSHQ’s designer collections will be sold in standard sizing: XS, S, M, L, and XL. Items will be available to purchase beginning December 2023. For more information about ŌUSHQ, please visit http://oushq.com.